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  1. I am a true fan of Gerald and Kim and you both remind me of the Sharon/Gabby love team way back when. I am also a Fil-Am living here in the beautiful state of California. I wish for continued success in both your careers. A word of advice to both of you. Please stay grounded and true to yourself and each other. Walang paki alam ang mundo sa whatever you feel or don’t feel for each other. Showbiz is filled with gossip and intrigue, scandals and what have you’s but you don’t have to give in to all that. I work in a profession where it is only a “need to know” basis. Remember, a need to know. If they need to know, tell them something and if not, keep it to yourselves. I hope you find true happiness in each other. Huwag padala sa mga usapan ng mga ibang tao. Ang mahalaga, kung ano ang inyong sinabe to each other is what matters. Be honest and keep it real. Ang dream ko sana if you come to the states is to meet you in person and maybe you can sign my DVD’s and CD’s. Or pagumuwi ako, maybe I can see your show. Until then, ingat, galingan ang pag-arte dahil I bilib na bilib ako sa in yo and continue making us laugh and cry, get mad and get sad. That is what true acting is about. Sa uulitin.

    With love from the States,

    Ate Marci Gerber

  2. hi kuya gerald musta na kyo ni ate kim
    kuya julian forever fan eloida

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